Product Fulfillment

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Product Fulfillment: How It All Works

Emily creates brand new designs using design software. After the original design is created and ready for production it is uploaded the new design onto the products that you get to purchase. After the design segment is complete it is added to our site. Once a purchase is made, a POD service, that not only prints but also ships, will take care of the fulfillment.

Product Fulfillment Process

All Cute Moose Merch products are designed by Emily. We use a POD format for filling and sending orders.

Creating custom products on demand

Print-on-demand (or POD) is an order fulfillment method where items are printed shortly after your order is submitted. With POD, I am able to create original designs for a variety of products and sell them online directly to you!

POD reduces waste by only producing items when there is a demand for them.

Drop shipping

Once your product is created, it heads directly from the printing facility to your doorstep.

This reduces emissions for shipping since the products never sit in a warehouse and are shipped directly to you.

There is no “middle man” with drop shipping. The process is simple, they print and then ship them to your doorstep!

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